Utopia Ecosystem

The Truly Secured And Peer to Peer Ecosystem

Utopia P2P Network

Utopia is a secure, decentralized ecosystem that utilizes unique peer-to-peer network architecture. There is no central server involved, meaning that there is no single point of failure that, if it failed, would stop the entire system from functioning. Your messages and files will never be stored on third-party servers.  A truly decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem with no point of failure.

Why Utopia

Advanced P2P ​​Ecosyst​​​​em

A secure and modern peer to peer technology in which no chance of failure. There is nothing effect of internet censorship on Utopia. it’s totally decentralized.

End to End Encryption

With Utopia you can send Secure email, Message securely, Chats in groups and private groups, Playing games etc. Umail is the feature that you can use to send secure emails. 


Utopia Ecosystem is not governing by central authorities so it means it’s totally decentralized and your chats and files never been shared to their parties or third parties server.


Utopia - Message


Send and receive instant text and voice messages. All communication is secure and protected by Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography while local storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES. Big Brother is no longer watching you!

Utopia - uWallet


Financial functionality can be found in Utopia's built-in uWallet. Make and accept payments denominated in Utopia's own cryptocurrency called Crypton, accept payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your Public Key or bill fellow Utopia users for your services. All of this while remaining anonymous.

Utopia - Mining


Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem through Mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run your Utopia software or bot you will receive your share of a collective reward. Mining does not slow your computer down and is environmentally friendly. You may also run a number of bots at several servers or computers to multiply the Crypton mining speed.

Utopia - Idyll


The Utopia P2P Network is a true peer-to-peer network where each user participates in the transmission of data. Anonymously surf the Utopia ecosystem using the built-in Idyll browser. Make your website available within the Utopia network to protect your privacy and reach the ecosystem's user base. Tunnel data between the user who owns a uNS name and any other network user, this allows websites to be hosted inside Utopia.

  • uMAIL
  • mINING
  • uNS

Crypton is the payment unit of the Utopia ecosystem. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The official ticker of Crypton is CRP.

Crypton is eternal, while transactions are instant, untraceable and irreversible. The Utopia network underlying the Crypton is designed to provide you with 100% privacy, so you do not need to worry about revealing your identity. The decentralized nature of Utopia ensures that your balance cannot be expropriated.

Utopia is a P2P network where each user participates in data transmission. Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem, through mining, by the emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia, or a bot, you will receive your share of the collective reward. As an additional level of security, we have made sure that the creators of the network cannot alter the algorithms of Utopia, including Crypton. Overall, Crypton is a perfect store of value. In addition to mining earnings, you will receive regular interest on your Crypton balance.



1984 Group have created a fully decentralized ecosystem where all those who share our views on universal harmony, equality and freedom of speech and choice, can safely commune and self-organize, express their opinions,and grow. We believe that Utopia, with its diverse functionality, and under the guidance of this manifesto, will unite people and change the course of history!