TheMessage Edition 003

1 – Utopia Trivia – What was the first uNS record registered, by whom and when?

The very first uNS record registered was “UTOPIA”, registered at 12:14 UTC on November 18th, 2019 by the Public Key account who would become known as “1984” after that uNS record was registered 2 minutes later at 12:16 UTC and was subsequently set as the “Primary Name of the Public Key”.

2 – “The Allure of Audience, The Illusion of Influence” (PART II) – Please find PART I in the 2nd Edition of TheMessage published on January 20th

The Silence of Slaughter. A messenger sheep, no matter how influential it may become, no matter how profound its message may be or how large its audience, will always remain at the mercy of the farmer’s blade. This analogy for online censorship helps us to better appreciate what kind of power or influence modern-day social media “influencers” really have. How much “influence” do you genuinely command when every message or image you broadcast to your audience is subject to the ever changing whims of the arbitrarily applied and ominously named, “Community Standards”? Whose standards are they really? Whose community? It’s certainly not yours.

This is the very serious dilemma facing each of us with a message to broadcast to the world, an opinion to share or a voice to be heard. Do we freely enter the farmer’s domain seeking access to his flock, thereby subjecting ourselves to his blade? I propose to you that resisting the temptation of the flock is the more honourable road to take and one that is in the ultimate best interests of the flock as well as the integrity of the message itself. By entering the domain of the power players of the internet, messengers feed their power and help them remain in their dominant and overbearing positions. Without the voices of the people, the “content” which they monetize and ultimately control, these organs of censorship would wither and eventually die. But how can this temptation be rejected? What is the alternative that will help you preserve the integrity of your message while still making it available to an ever-growing and empowered audience?

Utopia (P2P Ecosystem), the “Rabbit Hole” from which this very publication emanated is that remarkable alternative! Utopia is a platform that uses peer-to-peer technology, which means the audience themselves sustain the platform upon which the messengers project their voices. This concept may sound simple, but in reality is tremendously powerful in its implications. A real world example of how censorship resistant and empowering this technology can be is found in the incredibly resilient and immensely popular BitTorrent protocol. Originally released in 2001, today it is utilized by hundreds of millions of users and represents a very significant proportion of total internet bandwidth. Now step back and imagine that same powerful peer-to-peer protocol not just for sharing files, but for sending instant messages and encrypted e-mails, hosting websites and chat forums, invoicing and transacting in a fully integrated and private native cryptocurrency–an entire ecosystem built upon the same revolutionary peer-to-peer technology but brought forward two decades through modern cryptography. Now let me ask you; do want the blue pill or the red pill? You take the blue pill and you reboot your computer and pretend you never learned about Utopia, go back to the surveillance landscape of the clearnet and log right back into Facebook. But if you take the red pill, you come with me and I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes!


3 – Summary of Utopia’s First Network-Wide Competition

TheMarket’s CRP Brick Graphics Design Contest came to a close at 14:00 UTC on January 26, 2020 and with it, the first network-wide competition on Utopia. Over the course of almost 2 weeks, 11 official submissions came into TheMarket from 9 different Utopians. TheMerchant would like to acknowledge the following 13 Utopians for their participation, by way of official submissions or getting an early start on the Meme Contest: ATOM, schat, Saahil, shashank, HotOff, Ash07, alumin, Merchie, ATM, DrFish, army, Teo2Peer, Papla

The quality of the top submissions were of such high standard that TheMerchant chose to double the prize money midway through the competition and the final prizes were distributed as follows:

1st Place: 100 CRP ATOM

2nd Place: 70 CRP schat

3rd Place: 50 CRP Saahil

4th Place: 30 CRP shashank

5th Place: 10 CRP HotOff

All five of the top prize-winning submissions were by Utopians with uNS-verified named accounts, which is a positive trend being observed across the ecosystem. All Utopians are encouraged to follow their example, stake your claim by registering a uNS record as your “Primary Name” and begin building your positive reputation on the future of the secure, encrypted and private internet known as Utopia P2P ecosystem. While the first contest has concluded, your chance to participate in network-wide competitions has not ended, as TheMerchant is pleased to present you with a more inclusive contest not requiring graphics design skills, with wider ranging implications; please see article #4 in this 3rd edition of TheMessage.

4 – Introducing TheMegaphone’s Utopia Meme Contest

TheMerchant is pleased to present to you his next competition, hosted on his personal ECHO feed: “TheMegaphone’s Utopia Meme Contest” (Channel ID: 3277D61A3CF7BAEE951C0C6607532FB8 )

This contest continues in the trailblazing tradition of its predecessor by inviting and encouraging Utopians to exercise their creativity and contribute their efforts to produce original content for the Utopia community. Unlike the previous contest, no graphics design skills are required, only humour and creativity. This next competition is a genuine Meme Contest where the subject matter is all things Utopia related. Do you want to make a joke out of the mining problems? Do it! Do you want to make fun of how long we have been waiting for the big update? Let’s go! How about TheMerchant’s Bricks? Go ahead! How about sync issues, new user questions, etc. These are all fair game because humour is the number one criteria for a winning submission! But there are also two additional criteria so don’t forget to check out the guidelines! Although the top five prizes are for English language memes, there are also separate prizes each for best Russian language submission and Chinese language submission. Each Utopian will be invited to make as many Contest Submissions as they choose to. Because prizes are based on effort and merit rather than simple presence and because Utopians are not limited to one submission each, there is no incentive or advantage to a user having multiple accounts and so the fairness of the competition is preserved.


What are the prizes to be won?

1st Place: 50 CRP

2nd Place: 35 CRP

3rd Place: 25 CRP

4th Place: 15 CRP

5th Place: 5 CRP

Best Russian Language Submission: 15 CRP

Best Chinese Language Submission: 15 CRP

Who is eligible?

Any and all Utopians who are authorized contacts of TheMerchant 0093DEFD354D78D4F035CF04A935DD211A9765B8779C68D30A9DA0B3EB06554F

What constitutes a valid contest submission?

A valid contest submission is ONE single, unique, user created graphic which includes words and a background image; an actual “Meme” that is related to the Utopia P2P ecosystem in any credible way.

What is the criteria for a winning submission?

Your chances of winning the 1st place prize INCREASE with the following factors, in decreasing order of importance:

1) Entering a submission which is genuinely funny according to the very subjective and biased mind of TheMerchant

2) Entering a submission which reflects positively on Utopia, the team behind its development, the moderators and all participants in the ecosystem

3) Entering a submission sooner rather than later in order to encourage other submissions and increase community engagement

How may a submission be entered into the contest?

All eligible Utopians are invited to enter their submissions by entering a reasonably sized and clear copy in chat at TheMegaphone (Channel ID: 3277D61A3CF7BAEE951C0C6607532FB8 )

If your account is an authorized contact of TheMerchant, he will confirm your submission by PM within 12hrs or upon the deadline, whichever is sooner.

When may a submission be entered into the contest?

Contest Start: Submissions will be accepted beginning on January 27th at 14:00 UTC

Contest End: Submission deadline will be on February 9th at 14:00 UTC

When and how will the winners be announced and prizes delivered?

  • All winners will be announced immediately after the deadline, on Sunday February 9th at 14:00UTC.
  • All winners will have their winning submissions displayed for all to see and appreciate during the winner announcements.
  • All winners will have their CRP prizes transferred to them immediately after they have all been announced and congratulated.
  • Transfer records of the prizes being delivered to the winners will be on display at TheMarket directly afterwards.
  • TheMerchant wishes all Utopians much fun in this competition, please begin entering your submissions as soon as possible!

5 – Personal Note from The Publisher – Taking The Red Pill

Here’s where to find the “Rabbit Hole” that is Utopia for those who may be reading on the surveillance landscape of the clearnet:

TheMerchant Public Key: 0093DEFD354D78D4F035CF04A935DD211A9765B8779C68D30A9DA0B3EB06554F

TheMarket Channel ID: E95109799EC5047783C867F6AF6D4568

TheMessage Channel ID: BE91B84B9565C8429D214EBB10753E83

TheMegaphone Channel ID: 3277D61A3CF7BAEE951C0C6607532FB8