TheMessage Edition 005

1 – Quote of the Week – Who Spoke/Wrote these Words?

“You will understand… that the Internet of today is unrecognizable…. This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as we knew it… The appearance of ownership was easy to mistake for the reality of it… Our attention, our activities, our locations, our desires–everything about us… was being surveilled and sold in secret… And this surveillance would go on to be actively encouraged, and even funded by an army of governments greedy for the vast volume of intelligence they would gain.”

Look for the Speaker/Author somewhere in this 5th edition of TheMessage.

2 – A Deeper Look Inside The Rabbit Hole of Utopia – PART II

In PART I we traveled back in time 40 years to help trace what may be described as the technological grandfather of Utopia in the form of Usenet (User’s Network). Let us now begin moving forward in time from there to help better appreciate the evolution of digital communication and the internet in order to obtain a more profound understanding of what Utopia seeks to accomplish. The 1980s brought the heyday of the BBS, (Computer) Bulletin Board Service. The younger generation of today will have no conception of what the BBS represented, but it spoke to an earlier era before the popularization of the internet we know today, when personal digital ownership (at least for the host) was taken for granted. A host user would set up a service that other users from around the world could dial into using a computer modem. Users were then free to communicate with each other, share files with each other and even play games with each other in a very independent and unbridled form quite unfamiliar to people today.

1988 witnessed the birth of IRC, Internet Relay Chat, a protocol that enabled text-based communication through TCP between users around the world. Users could also share files using the Direct Client-to-Client protocol. Similarly to a BBS, it involved connection through the server-client mechanism, however anyone with initiative could play the role of server, the controlling computer as it were. In the popular culture of the technically inclined (ie. geeks), IRC represented the best of the internet; freedom. Freedom to associate with whomever you chose and freedom to discuss any issue you chose. IRC’s power to enable that freedom was perhaps best illustrated during times of government orchestrated media blackouts. During the first Gulf War and during the attempted overthrow of the Soviet government in 1991, conventional means of communication were either censored or completely shutdown. Information was nonetheless passed along through these controls via IRC.

The next decade brought revolutionary changes to the way people shared content with others, and with those changes came reactionary efforts from vested interests to control the flood at key, central choke points. In Part III we will examine those profound changes and their consequences.

3 – Major Update Released – Miner’s Report

Tuesday, February 4th in the afternoon UTC time the network witnessed the official release of version 1.0.5665, the major update 7 weeks in the making everyone had been anticipating. Network optimizations were the hallmark of this particular release, and while there were countless tweaks and enhancements associated with it as well, this brief report will focus on the profound improvements from the miner’s perspective.

TheMerchant is pleased to share the following data-driven report on the major update based on the hundreds of mining bots he operates.

Reward Rate – Defined as the percentage of theoretical maximum that a bot or group of bots are being rewarded in CRP (or are mining CRP) over a given period of time (e.g. 24hrs)

Abort Rate – Defined as the percentage of bots that shutdown of the total being operated and monitored over a given period of time (e.g. 24hrs)

While a fresh VPS instance may take 12-24hrs to begin generating CRP rewards, a bot running on a VPS instance that was previously connected to the network is expected to begin receiving rewards within 30-45 minutes of updating. Previously, version 5499 had an observable reward rate of anywhere from 3 – 55% over a 24hr period and produced these rewards in a very inconsistent and unreliable manner. TheMerchant is pleased to report that version 5665 begins with a reward rate between 80 & 90% over the first 24hr period and will either increase or decrease from there, depending on your server management protocol (See the following note on abort rate to better understand). Previously, version 5499 had an abort rate of between 5 & 9% over a 24hr period in the first few days after starting. Unfortunately, while version 5665 has a remarkably improved reward rate, the first week’s analysis has shown a propensity for a higher abort rate, between 10-25% with an inexplicable increasing trend. This data indicates that any miner intending to support the network at scale is in critical need of a proper server management protocol in order to receive appropriate and consistent compensation for that support.

Generally speaking the major update has been an incredible success for the 1984 Group and for all users of Utopia. In light of this, TheMerchant is pleased to bring back a special, Invite-Only Mega Edition of the CRP Wheel of Random. Please see article #5 for details.

4 – TheMegaphone’s Utopia Meme Contest – A Stunning Success

Sunday, February 9th at 14:00 UTC saw the conclusion of Utopia’s second network-wide competition. While the first was hosted at TheMarket and involved graphics design, this latest competition was hosted at TheMegaphone and was a more approachable, genuine Meme Contest. Users from around the world submitted creative, inspiring and humourous meme images about the Utopia P2P Ecosystem. This contest sought not only to engage community members in a network-wide creative effort, but also to help generate unique content that may be shared beyond the ecosystem to help inspire others and peak their curiosity about the ecosystem and its potential. TheMerchant is pleased to announce that in total more than 100 unique user creations were submitted from 14 different accounts. The highest volume contestant and the one submitting overall the best quality memes was user Saahil (uNS Verified), who also came away with 3 of the 7 prizes available.

Congratulations to all the Utopia Meme Contest Winners:

1st Place: Saahil 50 CRP

2nd Place: Saahil 35 CRP

3rd Place: HotOff 25CRP

4th Place: Ash07 15CRP

5th Place: DrFish 5 CRP

Russian Language Meme: logbot 15 CRP

Chinese Language Meme: Saahil 15 CRP

TheMerchant would like to extend his appreciation and a special thanks to user Saahil for helping to maintain the clearnet version of TheMessage.

You will be able to view the winning memes, as well as a handful of memes updated for public consumption by TheMerchant at the following address:

Please enjoy and remember to share!

5 – CRP Wheel of Random Returns – Invite-Only 350 CRP Mega Edition

We are taking a short break from the contests this week to introduce the anticipated return of a Utopia favourite, the CRP Wheel of Random. Established users of Utopia will remember the wheel first began to spin during the 10 days of celebration, after TheMarket’s opening on January 1st, 2020, when over 500 CRP were given out. The wheel ‘s final spin was January 12, 2020, the day of the first and only Super Round because ultimately Utopia was too powerful a tool of privacy, as highlighted in the long-form article, “A Sociopath Among Us” in the launch edition of TheMessage. Since then, another 500 CRP has been awarded by TheMerchant in contests hosted on his channels TheMarket and TheMegaphone, where users have had an opportunity to exercise their creativity and work ethic to earn CRP rewards. But now TheMerchant would like to celebrate the 1984 Group’s release of the major update with a special Invite-Only Mega Round of the CRP Wheel of Random that will once again be live-streamed just as the first and final Super Round was. These Invite-Only Mega Rounds will be held at TheMerchant’s discretion from time to time in celebation of major events and milestones on the Utopia network. Please see the details below for information on the rewards, the criteria for invitation and the list of users invited to celebrate.


100 CRP x 1 Spin

75 CRP x 1 Spin

50 CRP x 1 Spin

25 CRP x 3 Spins

10 CRP x 5 Spins

There will be a total of 11 spins for a combined sum of 350 CRP in rewards.


The invitation criteria used for this and future Mega Rounds of the CRP Wheel of Random which *enhance eligibility* are as follows:

A) Active participation in public chat (including non-English) channels where a helpful and positive attitude toward fellow users of Utopia is demonstrated

B) Subscribing to TheMarket, TheMegaphone & TheMessage and demonstrating active participation

C) Having a uNS record registered that resembles your alias/account name

D) Active participation in contests held by TheMerchant

E) TheMerchant reserves the right to use his discretion in qualifying additional users of Utopia (e.g. tempting 1984 to join us again!)


Personal invitations that include the Date, Time and Utopia Channel for the live-streamed celebration will be going out via PM on Thursday, February 13th to all users on the invitation list who are authorized contacts of TheMerchant. While the majority of those on the invitation list are already authorized contacts, because being an authorized contact of TheMerchant is NOT an eligibility requirement, some users will be on the invitation list who are not authorized contacts of TheMerchant. Since invitations and CRP rewards will only be sent to authorized contacts, all users on the invitation list are encouraged to confirm that they already have TheMerchant in their contact list, if not please request authorization before February 13th to receive your invitation and be eligible for the 350 CRP in rewards: 0093DEFD354D78D4F035CF04A935DD211A9765B8779C68D30A9DA0B3EB06554F


1984, Saahil, Dr-Hack, Scorpion, DarkKnight, THORIN, HotOff, ATOM, abraxas, Berserker, roycorp, MkE, Millet.Tang, m3tal, Tsar, Shwg, unknown, d, Makedonskiy, schat, Goldstein, MGP4, 云里/ciwei, alumin, ArneBolen, DrFish, shashank, Teo2Peer, Ziza, Zekich, stranded_mariner, FBrain, Sagleft, captain, Ash07, sjw, MrHarr1son, MeineKleineDorf, chelezo, Noname, DrVooDoo, Showmetheway, 123456789, cjh, 兔子, shengwusuolian, ghostlle, Aren, CM, 酱油王, 淡淡烟草香, bobolam1971, HelloWorld, m108, xinyicom, ╣╖╗╠╖└╬, Cryptoookisa, 5tell5, Hvoinui, mr.Richman, Pixel, sn0wdr1am, xescapex, idear, PUA, turner, jacky, imnotallright, eA2, AipotuR

Please Note: Some of these aliases/account names may be unfamiliar to you, please remember that eligible users are from all public channels, not simply English channels.

If your alias or account name is not currently part of the invitation list, you are far more likely to receive an invitation either for this first Mega Round or a future one by following through on criteria A, B & C now and D in the future than by sending a PM to TheMerchant asking about the list.

6 – Personal Note from The Publisher

Edward Snowden is the author behind this edition’s “Quote of the Week”. He wrote those words in the preface to his 2019 book, “Permanent Record”. All users of Utopia are encouraged to read a copy of his book at their local library. To Edward Snowden, this publisher has a message; Utopia is bringing back the Internet you knew and loved so much from your youth by ripping out the surveillance and censorship, building in the privacy and establishing personal ownership all over again. Join us!

Here’s where to find the “Rabbit Hole” that is Utopia for those who may be reading on the surveillance landscape of the clearnet:

TheMerchant Public Key: 0093DEFD354D78D4F035CF04A935DD211A9765B8779C68D30A9DA0B3EB06554F

Request contact authorization from TheMerchant to receive uMail versions of TheMessage and to purchase CRP, the future of private P2P commerce.

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