How to be a Pioneer in Crypto

A pioneer is defined as one who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle. The earliest investors, miners and builders in Bitcoin during its formative years were examples of pioneers in cryptocurrency. They had a vision of what Bitcoin could become, they could see the potential it represented, even when others could see little or no value in it, they recognized the unclaimed territory of digital currency and they chose to settle.

Unclaimed Territory
Moving to a metropolitan area with infrastructure, commercial districts, residential buildings, libraries, shopping malls and all the conveniences of modern life takes little risk and requires little effort but also bears little reward. Unclaimed territory is space no one is fighting for because it requires time and energy to develop. Those who venture into this space and choose to clear the land, plant the seeds and build out the infrastructure will be the kings of the future.

Peasant or King
Becoming a developer in the Ethereum ecosystem comes with a lot of certainty and peace of mind. You know the land is developed and there is demand for your work, so you will be fed and happy. But there are thousands like you and the opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage are virtually non-existent. There are very few pioneers in such an ecosystem today, but countless copycats and cheap imitators.

A New Ecosystem
Utopia’s P2P Ecosystem represents something akin to the early days of Bitcoin. A land with boundless potential and tremendous utility, but one that remains undiscovered by many and therefore undeveloped. The 1984 Group have laid the foundation for settlers to arrive and build in predominantly unclaimed territory with bountiful resources and spacious landscapes. The only question that remains is, will you venture out to stake your claim and become a king or remain a peasant?