How to Register uNS name?

The uNS is the decentralized equivalent of classic DNS within the Utopia ecosystem. DNS is subject to pressure and censorship from less than prefect international laws. Domains can be revoked or suspended due to multiple reasons, such as non-response to a whois inquiry or other register policy, non-payment, government actions, and so on.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a pseudo-distributed directory that resolves human-readable hostnames, such as, into machine-readable IP addresses like

The uNS, in contrast, is a truly decentralized, non-censored registry hosted by Utopia network participants, with no expiration dates, renewal fees, suspensions or revocations. There is only the one rule: first come, first served.

uNS registered names should be unique. You may register as many uNS names as you want, however please note that registration is not free.

To register a uNS name please go to the “Tools” menu > “uNS Manager” and click on the tab “My uNS Records“.

In the field “Register new uNS record“, enter your desired name (uNS name). Availability will be checked immediately. The name should be something unique within the Utopia ecosystem.

If the selected uNS registered name is available press Enter. A registration form will appear.

Check the “Associate this name with one of my Channels” checkbox if you have a channel and you would like to associate this name with your channel. A fellow Utopia user will be able to search and join your channel by typing #followed by your uNS name.

Check “Mark this name as primary for my Public Key” to use this name as an alternative to your Public Key.

uNS registration is not free. There is a commission that is charged towards Utopia to prevent flood and to support network growth. The commission depends on the name length, the longer the name, the cheaper. uNS records over 4 characters long are the cheapest.

Click the “Register” button. You will see that a new uNS record has been added to your list of registered names.