What is Crypton (CRP) in Utopia

Crypton is the payment unit of the Utopia ecosystem. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The official ticker of Crypton is CRP.

Crypton is eternal, while transactions are instant, untraceable and irreversible. The Utopia network underlying the Crypton is designed to provide you with 100% privacy, so you do not need to worry about revealing your identity. The decentralized nature of Utopia ensures that your balance cannot be expropriated.

Utopia is a P2P network where each user participates in data transmission. Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem, through mining, by the emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia, or a bot, you will receive your share of the collective reward. As an additional level of security, we have made sure that the creators of the network cannot alter the algorithms of Utopia, including Crypton. Overall, Crypton is a perfect store of value. In addition to mining earnings, you will receive regular interest on your Crypton balance.

Crypton is a truly breakthrough cryptocurrency that guarantees complete privacy protection and is fully protected from any regulatory-related risks unlike any other cryptocurrency launched by any world-famous or even just public company. There is no government authority of any country that can influence on Crypton’s market rate or it’s fate as well as there is no way to take control on Crypton or entire Utopia ecosystem and it’s team which stays and will always stay anonymous.

Multi-faceted and highly-professional approach to liquidity support and stable market rate of Crypton is well-organized with 3 main levers:

⦁ Adjustable amount of issued Cryptons per 15 minute block for regulating emission
⦁ Adjustable Proof-of-Stake Rate for storing Cryptons that can be positive or even negative if it’s necessary for market rate stability
⦁ Adjustable fees settings for all paid services available within Utopia ecosystem

All of three adjustable settings listed above are currently controlled by Utopia development team but after implementation of decentralized referendum, self-governance and voting systems the full control of adjustable settings will be transferred to society.

Crypton’s ideology and main priority is strived to complete anonymity and privacy protection to deliver the highest level of freedom, security and stability to its users.